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Hello dear friend, is welcome to my private collection of Western movies. Since 2009 online 24 hours a day on the internet. I won for my collection the most classic and rare films bang bang, since American productions to the European (are my greatest passion). Feel free to spend hours watching these beautiful posters with pictures of old newspapers that ran decades ago in our Brazil.
Email contact westernclube2000@hotmail.com, but remember, only send copies of dvd-r.


This is a collection of old movies for maniacs, some movies have image / audio: low, good, great and perfect quality, depending on its rarity. Some do not have subtitles or audio for your language. Contact us to resolve their doubts and have no problems.

We are not responsible for technical difference: Region code.

The price is symbolic for all the work we had and we have to recover this film. We bought these matrices of various parts of the world.
Request the value of the amount of movies and the delivery destination. westernclube2000@hotmail.com

To make your life easier, we now accept Paypal payment. Send your list of movies and address in westernclube2000@hotmail.com
Then we will return your email with a Paypal payment order value and shipping included.
Do the PayPal payment process. When confirmed, your order will follow immediately.

The dvd-r are sent separately with protection.
We do not send covers, back covers, artworks, papers and photos from the films. Only the disc.
Is not original, are copies!